Monday, February 22, 2016

Caste protests called off but canal damage sparks Delhi water crisis. 10 million people in India's capital are without water

MUCH of New Delhi’s water supply was cut off yesterday after members of an influential Indian caste sabotaged a canal as part of protests seeking preferential treatment that have killed at least 19 people.

A representative of the Jat caste said they had called off their week-long protests which saw thousands of troops deployed in Haryana, after the government of the northern state accepted their demands.

But the capital’s water board was still striving to restore full supplies to the city of 17 million.

India sent troops to secure the canal in Haryana after Jat protesters — demanding a quota for their caste in public service jobs and higher education — seized it on Saturday and diverted the water flow away from the capital.

By yesterday morning the army had regained control and was assessing the damage.

But with the water flow into the capital reduced by more than two-thirds, schools and many businesses remained shut and authorities urged people to ration water.

Delhi’s water board said it had been forced to limit supplies to the city, which receives little rain and has long struggled to provide enough water for its rapidly growing population...
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  1. Water supply 'partially restored' in Delhi...

    Water supply has been partially restored in the Indian capital, Delhi, where up to 10 million were affected after protesters sabotaged a key canal.

    The army took control of the Munak canal in neighbouring Haryana state on Monday after Jat community protesters, angry at caste job quotas, seized it.

    Delhi Water Minister Kapil Mishra said the "crisis was still not over" and urged people to use water carefully.

    The city's schools, which were closed because of the crisis, have reopened.

    Sixteen million people live in Delhi, and around three-fifths of the city's water is supplied by the Munak canal, which runs through Haryana.....


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