Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Arctic sea ice reaches 4th lowest extent on record

Arctic sea ice cover appears to have reached its annual minimum, measuring at 4.41 million square kilometers, the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) said yesterday.

It was the fourth lowest extent recorded since satellites began measuring sea ice in 1979, it said.

NSIDC pointed out that the number was preliminary as changing winds could still push the ice extent lower.

"The dramatic loss of summer sea ice during the warmest year on record is further evidence of our dangerous dependence on fossil fuels. Dwindling sea ice is a stark reminder of the destruction climate change wages on our most vulnerable wildlife and communities," said Margaret Williams, managing director for U.S. Arctic programs.

A report launched last week has warned that some major coastal cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai and New York would be submerged under the sea water if we burn all available fossil fuel resources.

"These climate trends must drive home the need for decisive action toward reducing our global emissions. After decades of delay, further inaction is unacceptably risky," he added.

Hundreds of world leaders and scientists will convene in Paris in December this year to work toward a new climate change agreement to further cut carbon emissions.


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