Monday, August 17, 2015

Heatwave in Egypt to gradually subside starting Monday

Egypt's state weather agency spokesperson Wahid Seoudi told Ahram Online that Egypt’s weeks-long heatwave will begin to abate starting Monday, gradually bringing lower temperatures.

"The temperatures are expected to gradually cool off a couple of degrees starting on Monday in all governorates," says Seoudi, speaking for the Egyptian Meteorological Association.

Seoudi said that temperatures increased by eight degrees from Friday to Sunday, with Sunday witnessing a high of 42 degrees Celsius.

The heatwave has claimed 95 lives in the last week and left hundreds temporarily hospitalised, according to official numbers issued by the Egyptian health ministry.

The ministry also warned that older individuals are more vulnerable to heat exhaustion than younger people.

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  1. Summer heatwave engulfs Middle East...

    Summer heat is the norm in the Middle East, where the climate is largely that of a sub-tropical desert. Yet, even by the standards of the region, this summer is proving to be exceptionally hot and, for some, humid.

    Egypt seems to have been particularly hard-hit. At least 93 deaths have been reported in the country due to the heat, with most victims being elderly.

    In the country's capital, Cairo, temperatures reached 42C on Sunday, 7C above average. During August temperatures have reached or exceeded the monthly average on all but one day. In the south of the country conditions have been even worse.

    Aswan, on the banks of the Nile, has experienced temperatures at least 3C above average throughout the month, with peak temperatures of 47C.

    Neighbouring Israel's Health Ministry has urged the public to drink plenty of water. Jerusalem saw temperatures of 38C on Sunday, 7C above average. High humidity levels have made the heat even more uncomfortable.

    In Syria, the heatwave has produced frequent temperatures in excess of 40C and dust storms have made conditions even more unbearable................


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