Thursday, June 04, 2015

Disaster in the Yangtze River: Rescue team begins righting capsized Eastern Star

The search and rescue team started to right the capsized cruise ship on the Yangtze River at 8 pm Thursday, according to the Ministry of Transport (MOT).

The decision was made after the rescue headquarters decided the rescue plan should be moved forward quickly.

The ship will be hoisted by cranes on site capable of lifting the whole vessel and set it upright. Experts in diving, recovery, relief and ship design experts from across the country are on the spot to provide support. The plan is in line with international norms.

The plan will facilitate searching through every cabin of the cruise ship to find any missing people as soon as possible.

Over 450 people were on board the Eastern Star when it sank on Monday night after being hit by a tornado in Jianli, Hubei Province. The incident could become China's deadliest shipping accident in almost seven decades.

More than 270 telecommunication professionals have been mobilized to support the rescue operation. 

  Source: Xinhua -


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  1. Workers manage to right ship that capsized on Yangtze...

    Top-deck cabins poked out of the water from a capsized river cruise ship on the Yangtze on Friday after disaster teams righted the vessel to quicken the search for more than 360 victims still missing.

    A total of 77 bodies have been found since Monday night's sudden capsizing in a severe storm. The operation to right the Eastern Star started late Thursday and shifted the focus from finding survivors to retrieving bodies. State broadcaster CCTV announced Friday morning that the boat had been righted, and that teams would still try to lift the vessel even though the water inside it was weighing it down.

    Transport Ministry spokesman Xu Chengguang said earlier that the operation would involve divers putting steel bars underneath the ship, which would then be lifted by two 500-ton cranes. A huge net was placed near the cranes and another one a few meters (yards) downstream to catch any

  2. Chinese state media say the death toll in the Eastern Star capsizing has risen to 345.

    Disaster teams have found hundreds more bodies overnight and Saturday morning after pulling the overturned river cruise boat upright with cranes and gradually raising it up from the grey currents of the Yangtze River.

    State broadcaster CCTV says 345 bodies have been found. That leaves nearly 100 still


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