Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Strong offshore earthquake hits northeastern Japan, no tsunami threat

A strong magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck off the northeastern coast of Japan, but there is no danger of tsunami, the national meteorological agency has said.
According to the agency, the epicenter of the quake was located some 120 kilometers (74.5 miles) to the east of the coast of Iwate Prefecture, and the focus was at the depth of 50 kilometers below the seabed.

The tremors were felt in 15 northeastern and central prefectures. There have been no reports on the injuries or damage.

The quake has not affected the work of the nuclear power plants located there, the Tohoku electric power, an electric utility, said.

No changes in the radiation level at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant have been registered, another company, the Tokyo Electric Power said.

Japan Railway said high-speed rail services in the country’s east have been partially suspended.


  1. Japan rocked by 6.9 earthquake near Fukishima ...

    Japan was rocked by an earthquake Wednesday morning with a magnitude estimated at 6.9 on the Richter scale.

    There are no reports of injuries.

  2. Strong offshore quake rocks Tohoku...

    A strong earthquake of upper 5 on the Japanese seismic scale hit Iwate Prefecture and surrounding areas at 6:13 a.m. on Wednesday, the Meteorological Agency said. No tsunami warning was issued.

    The focus of the quake, estimated at magnitude 6.6, was in the Pacific off Miyagi Prefecture and its depth was about 50 km, the agency said.

    No damage was reported to nuclear reactors in the region, including those at Tepco’s crippled Fukushima No. 1 power station. No nuclear plant in the country is currently active.....


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