Saturday, May 09, 2015

Scientist Discover At Least 20 Dead Sei Whales Washed Up Along Coast of Chile

A group of foreign scientists discovered at least 20 dead sei whales beached along Chile’s southern coast on the Gulf of Penas and reported them to the National Fisheries Service.

A statement from Chilean officials on Friday said there were around 20 whales, while the scientists said they counted more than 30.
The International Union for Conservation of Natures lists the sei as an endangered species and the whales are no longer supposed to be hunted commercially.

The sei Whales became endangered when it was heavily hunted after the stocks of blue and fin whales became depleted and it now has a population of about 12,000, according to the WWF.

There is a military base several miles from the fjord where the whales were found.

Adults can be longer than 50 feet and weigh 20 tons or more.

The whales, which were rotting when they were discovered, measured about 33 feet in length...


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