Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thousands evacuate after Chile volcano erupts. Authorities issue red alert...

Southern Chile's Calbuco volcano has erupted for the second time in a day, after being dormant for nearly half a century, officials said.

The first eruption on Wednesday sent a thick plume of ash and smoke several kilometres into the sky, local television images showed.

Chile's Onemi emergency office declared a red alert following that eruption, which occurred about 1,000km south of the capital Santiago near the tourist town of Puerto Varas. The area is sparsely populated, with only a few small communities.

Video footage of the first eruption, which occurred at around 6pm local time (21:00 GMT), showed a spectacular mushroom-shaped cloud of ash and smoke, that turned red as the sun went down.

About 4,000 people had evacuated from the area and an evacuation radius of 20km has been established, authorities said.

Chile's Interior Minister Rodrigo Penailillo gave a televised address after the volcano erupted, calling for calm. Penailillo said the military was being sent into Llanquihue province to help evacuate people and keep order.

He added that water was being sent to the area, as it was unclear how much ash may have fallen and contaminated water supplies.

Later, Penailillo said there had been no reports of deaths, missing persons or injuries. He urged residents to evacuate and warned of possible lahars, a mix of water and rock fragments that flow down a volcano's slopes and river valleys.

Residents in rush for supplies

"The eruption happened about half an hour ago. There are a lot of people out in the streets, many heading to the gas stations to fill up on gas," Derek Way, a resident of Puerto Varas, told the Reuters news agency.

Trevor Moffat, who lives in Ensenada, some 10km from the volcano, said he and his family fled when it erupted.

"It sounded like a big tractor trailer passing by the road, rattling and shaking, guttural rumbling. ... We left everything there, grabbed my kid, my dog, got in the car with my wife," Moffat told Reuters.

Calbuco last erupted in 1972 and is considered one of the top three most potentially dangerous among Chile's 90 active volcanos, the AP news agency reported.

Chile, on the Pacific 'Rim of Fire', has the second largest chain of volcanoes in the world after Indonesia, including around 500 that are potentially active.

In March, volcano Villarrica, also in southern Chile, erupted in spectacular fashion, sending a plume of ash and lava high into the sky, but quickly subsided.



  1. Volcano eruptions spark red alert in Chile...

    A volcano in Chile erupted for the second time in 24 hours overnight, after being dormant for more than half a century, officials have said.

    A state of red alert remains in force after the second blast from the Calbuco volcano in the south of the country, the National Geology and Mining Service said via Twitter.

    The first eruption came about seven hours earlier, and it was the first by Calbuco in 54 years.

    Earlier reports had put the inactive span at 43 years.

    The first eruption forced the evacuation of 5,000 people and sent a column of ash high into the sky.

    There were no immediate reports of

  2. Le Chili décrète l'alerte rouge après l'éruption du volcan Calbuco...

    Le gouvernement chilien a décrété mercredi l'alerte rouge après l'éruption violente et inattendue du volcan Calbuco (sud), inactif depuis 43 ans, ordonnant d'évacuer la population dans un rayon de 20 kilomètres aux

  3. Volcano Calbuco still erupting in Chile, some flights canceled...

    Volcano Calbuco in southern Chile that erupted unexpectedly on Wednesday was still pouring ash into the sky on Thursday, forcing the cancellation of flights from nearby towns in both Chile and neighboring Argentina.

    The volcano, which last had a major eruption in 1961, has blown a spectacular plume of ash and smoke nearly 20 kilometers into the sky near Puerto Varas, some 1,000 kilometers (625 miles) south of Santiago.

    By Thursday, over 4,000 people had been evacuated from the immediate area, authorities said, with the emergency services focusing efforts on the small town of Ensenada, some 15 kilometers from the volcano. A climber who was close to the summit when the eruption occurred is


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