Saturday, April 25, 2015

Nearly 42 mln tons of e-waste dumped in 2014

A total of 41.8 million tons of e-waste was discarded globally in 2014, a 2-million tons increase from the previous year, according to a report of the United Nations University published recently.

E-waste includes small electronic devices, which make up the largest amount of e-waste, reaching 12.8 million tons. About 11.8 million tons of large-sized electronic equipment, 7 million tons of conversion equipment, 6.3 million tons of display devices, 3 million tons of small accessories and 1 million tons lighting equipment make up the rest of the world's e-waste.

The largest e-waste-producing countries are the United States (7 million tons) and China (6.5 million tons), accounting for 32 percent of total electronic trash globally.

The report says about 6.5 million tons of electronic waste have been recycled through the official channels last year, which accounted for 16.5 million tons of iron, 1.9 million tons of copper, 220,000 tons of aluminum and 1,400 tons of gold, silver, palladium and other precious metals--all with a total value of about 47.88 billion euros.


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