Sunday, April 26, 2015

Death toll exceeds 1,800 after Nepal quake. Rescue operations are underway by the Nepal Army

It is being reported that the death toll from the series of quakes which struck Nepal now exceeds 18-hundered.

The Nepali Home Ministry has also revealed that some 47-hundered people have been injured.

Reports said at least 300 bodies were retrieved from damaged buildings in the capital. The Kathmandu valley was the worst hit area in the quake, with more deaths being reported there.

Meanwhile, an official from the Ministry of Tourism said at least 10 people, including foreign climbers, had been reportedly killed in an avalanche triggered by the quake.

Four Chinese nationals, including two workers with a Chinese company, a mountain climber and a tourist, were killed and five others seriously injured in the quake, the Chinese Embassy confirmed.

Xinhua reporter in Kathmandu said thousands of people had spent the night in pavements, parks and fields for fearing of aftershocks. A 6.6-magnitude aftershock struck about an hour later after the initial tremor.

Rescue operations are underway by the Nepal Army, Police and Armed Police Force but they are slow in the remote areas of the country due to lack of equipment.

Amid the devastating disaster, the government of Nepal has appealed for assistance from the international community.

The powerful quake, which was followed by at least 14 aftershocks, also jolted parts of India, and was felt in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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  1. Japan to send disaster relief team to Nepal...

    Japan will dispatch a special disaster response team to Nepal to help local rescue workers deal with the aftermath of the devastating magnitude-7.9 earthquake in this country, Nepal’s government said on Sunday.

    According to the latest data, the number of fatalities has climbed to 1805, and 4718 people were injured.

    The powerful earthquake that rocked Nepal on Saturday was followed by a series of aftershocks. The most powerful of them was registered at 12.30 local time.

    It also triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest, killing at least 18 people.

    Seismologists say more aftershocks will occur in the coming two days.

  2. M 6.7 - NEPAL - 2015-04-26 07:09:10 UTC...

    Magnitude Mw 6.7
    Region NEPAL
    Date time 2015-04-26 07:09:10.1 UTC
    Location 27.86 N ; 86.08 E
    Depth 14 km
    Distances 77 km E of Kathmandu, Nepal / pop: 1,442,271 / local time: 12:54:10.1 2015-04-26
    17 km SE of Kodāri, Nepal / pop: 1,600 / local time: 12:54:10.1 2015-04-26

    1. Népal: un nouveau séisme de magnitude 6,7...

      Une nouvelle secousse tellurique de magnitude 6,7 s'est produite ce matin au Népal, rapporte dimanche le service géologique des Etats-Unis (USGS).

      Cette secousse a frappé une zone située au nord-ouest de Katmandou, non loin de la frontière chinoise, à une profondeur de 10 km, a précisé l'USGS.

      La réplique s'est produite au lendemain d'un séisme dévastateur qui a fait plus de 2.000 morts dans le pays himalayen et chez ses voisins.

  3. M 5.1 - NEPAL - 2015-04-26 16:26:14 UTC...

    Magnitude M 5.1
    Region NEPAL
    Date time 2015-04-26 16:26:14.8 UTC
    Location 27.91 N ; 85.89 E
    Depth 80 km
    61 km NE of Kathmandu, Nepal / pop: 1,442,271 / local time: 22:11:14.8 2015-04-26
    7 km SW of Kodāri, Nepal / pop: 1,600 / local time: 22:11:14.8 2015-04-26

  4. Nepal earthquake: Rescue effort intensifies...

    Relief efforts in Nepal are intensifying after more than 2,300 people were killed in the worst earthquake there in more than 80 years.

    Rescue missions and aid material have started arriving in the country.

    Seventeen people have been killed on Mt Everest by avalanches - the mountain's worst-ever disaster.

    Meanwhile a powerful aftershock was felt on Sunday in Nepal, India and Bangladesh, and more avalanches were reported near Everest.

    The 6.7-magnitude tremor, centred 60km (40 miles) east of Nepal's capital Kathmandu, sent people running in panic for open ground in the city.............

  5. Aftershocks persist in Nepal as toll exceeds 2,500...

    Sleeping in the streets and shell-shocked, Nepalese cremated the dead and dug through rubble for the missing Sunday, a day after a massive Himalayan earthquake killed more than 2,500 people. Aftershocks tormented them, making buildings sway and sending panicked Kathmandu residents running into the streets.

    The cawing of crows mixed with terrified screams as the worst of the aftershocks -- magnitude 6.7 -- pummeled the capital city. It came as planeloads of supplies, doctors and relief workers from neighbouring countries began arriving in this poor Himalayan nation. No deaths or injuries were reported from the early Sunday afternoon quake, but it took an emotional toll.

    "The aftershocks keep coming ... so people don't know what to expect," said Sanjay Karki, Nepal country head for global aid agency Mercy Corps. "All the open spaces in Kathmandu are packed with people who are camping outdoors. When the aftershocks come you cannot imagine the fear. You can hear women and children crying."

    1. Nepal Earthquake Death Toll Reaches 3,500, Over 6,500 Injured...

      Nepal Home Ministry's national disaster management division chief Rameshwor Dangal reported Monday that the official death toll from a major earthquake in Nepal which had stricken the country on Saturday, surged to 3,500.

      "The death toll has reached 3,218 and over 6,500 are injured," Nepal Home Ministry's national disaster management division chief Rameshwor Dangal was quoted as saying by AFP earlier............

    2. Nepal, altre 45 scosse: almeno 3300 morti..

      Oltre ai 4 speleologi, si sono perse le tracce anche di una 39enne speleologa di Bergamo. Intanto in Nepal la terra continua a tremare: 45 scosse oltre i 4,5 di magnitudo in 24 ore. 3300 i morti, più di 6 mila feriti. Corsa contro il tempo per salvare le persone ancora sotto le

    3. Terremoto in Nepal: i morti sono più di 3.600. "Due italiani uccisi da una frana"...

      Una donna di 39 di Bergamo risultava dispersa, ma questa mattina ha chiamato casa. Nessuna notizia dei 4 speleologi

  6. Sismólogos advirtieron hace una semana sobre el terremoto en Nepal ...

    El terrible terremoto que se cobró la vida de más de 2.300 personas en Nepal, fue pronosticado por sismólogos hace una semana.

    Un equipo compuesto por 50 sismólogos e investigadores internacionales había llegado a Katmandú para decidir cómo preparar la ciudad para hacer frente a un sismo semejante al que se produjo en 1934. Los expertos eran conscientes del peligro, pero no sabían que ocurriría tan rápido, informa la agencia Associated Press.

    "Lo ocurrido física y geológicamente fue exactamente lo que habíamos pensado que sucedería", ha afirmado el sismólogo James Jackson, jefe del departamento de Ciencias de la Tierra de la Universidad de Cambridge, en Inglaterra, uno de los participantes de la reunió

  7. M 5.2 - INDIA-BANGLADESH BORDER REGION - 2015-04-27 12:35:51 UTC....local time: 18:05....

    Magnitude mb 5.2
    Date time 2015-04-27 12:35:51.5 UTC
    Location 26.97 N ; 88.19 E
    Depth 10 km
    Distances 154 km W of Thimphu, Bhutan / pop: 98,676 / local time: 18:35:51.5 2015-04-27
    58 km SW of Gangtok, India / pop: 30,700 / local time: 18:05:51.5 2015-04-27
    8 km N of Mirik, India / pop: 10,109 / local time: 18:05:51.5 2015-04-27

  8. M 4.7 - NEPAL - 2015-04-27 18:59:58 UTC...local time: 00:59...

    Magnitude M 4.7
    Region NEPAL
    Date time 2015-04-27 18:59:58.6 UTC
    Location 28.06 N ; 84.91 E
    Depth 33 km
    57 km NW of Kathmandu, Nepal / pop: 1,442,271 / local time: 00:44:58.6 2015-04-28
    471 km W of Thimphu, Bhutan / pop: 98,676 / local time: 00:59:58.6 2015-04-28
    732 km NW of Dhaka, Bangladesh / pop: 10,356,500 / local time: 00:59:58.6 2015-04-28

  9. Nepal quake toll 'could reach 10,000', says PM...

    The death toll in Nepal’s earthquake could reach 10,000, Prime Minister Sushil Koirala told Reuters on Tuesday, ordering intensified rescue efforts and appealing for foreign supplies of tents and medicines.

    “The government is doing all it can for rescue and relief on a war footing,” Koirala said in an interview. “It is a challenge and a very difficult hour for Nepal.”

    A home ministry official put the latest death toll at 4,349. If the death toll does reach 10,000, that would be even higher than the 8,500 killed in a massive 1934 quake, the Himalayan nation’s worst disaster to date.

    Koirala was abroad when the 7.9 magnitude quake struck on Saturday. He returned on Sunday. He has issued orders to his government to improve coordination of the relief effort and will address the nation later on Tuesday, an aide said.

    Appealing for foreign assistance, Koirala said Nepal needed tents and medicines. Many people are sleeping out of doors because their homes have been destroyed or may not withstand the dozens of aftershocks that have hit the country, he said.

    “The government needs tents, much medicine. People are sleeping in fields and rains,” he said. “There are more than 7,000 people injured. Their treatment and rehabilitation is going to be a big challenge.”

  10. M 4.4 - NEPAL - 2015-04-29 11:27:45 UTC....local time: 17:27....

    Magnitude mb 4.4
    Region NEPAL
    Date time 2015-04-29 11:27:45.4 UTC
    Location 27.95 N ; 85.55 E
    Depth 10 km
    36 km NE of Kathmandu, Nepal / pop: 1,442,271 / local time: 17:12:45.4 2015-04-29
    407 km W of Thimphu, Bhutan / pop: 98,676 / local time: 17:27:45.4 2015-04-29
    676 km NW of Dhaka, Bangladesh / pop: 10,356,500 / local time: 17:27:45.4 2015-04-29

  11. M 4.9 - NEPAL - 2015-05-02 05:35:46 UTC....local time: 11:20....

    Magnitude mb 4.9
    Region NEPAL
    Date time 2015-05-02 05:35:46.0 UTC
    Location 28.41 N ; 84.77 E
    Depth 2 km
    95 km NW of Kathmandu, Nepal / pop: 1,442,271 / local time: 11:20:46.0 2015-05-02
    87 km N of Bharatpur, Nepal / pop: 107,157 / local time: 11:20:46.0 2015-05-02

  12. Nepal quake: 'No chance' to find more survivors, as death toll rises...

    Nepal's authorities have ruled out finding more survivors of last week's earthquake under the rubble, as the death toll rises to 6,621.

    "We are trying our best in rescue and relief work but now I don't think that there is any possibility of survivors," Home Ministry spokesman Laxmi Prasad Dhakal told AFP.

    Nepal said 14,021 people were injured in the 7.9 magnitude quake on Saturday.

    The fate of thousands of people in remote areas remains unknown.

    The death toll could go up, as search and rescue efforts are still continuing in several hill districts including Dhading, Rasuwa and Sindhupalchok, relief co-ordinator Hemanta Pal said.

    While the vast majority of casualties were in Nepal, about 100 people are reported to have died in neighbouring India, Tibet, and


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