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Volcano in central Japan erupts, injuring visitors (2 video)

A volcano straddling Nagano and Gifu prefectures in central Japan erupted on Saturday, with thick gray smoke spewed up into sky, injuring eight visitors at the site, according to local media.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) said that the eruption took place shortly before noon. The agency upgraded its 5-stage volcanic alert level to 3, urging people not to approach the mountain, named the Ontake, reported Japan's broadcaster NHK.

Local fire department said that they have received several emergency calls about injured climbers and a local official was quoted as saying that at least eight people were injured.

The JMA forecast that further eruptions may affect nearby residents and warned of large volcanic cinders which fall within a 4 km radius of the crater, said Japan's Kyodo News.

The volcano's last eruption was in 1979 when it expelled over 200,000 tons of ash. It also went through a minor eruption in 1991 and caused multiple volcanic earthquakes in 2007, reports said.
Sources: Xinhua -
  • A volcano in central Japan erupted on Saturday injuring at least eight people and forced aircraft to divert flying routes to void the billowing ash cloud.

The meteorological agency said Mt. Ontake, which straddles Nagano and Gifu prefectures, erupted at around 11:53am (0253 GMT), sending smoke down the mountain's south slope for more than three kms (1.9 miles).

"Seven people were lightly injured and one person suffered serious injuries as a result of the eruption," Makoto Hasegawa of the Nagano prefecture fire department told Reuters.

The eruption is still taking place, he said.

"Airplanes are diverting their flying routes to avoid the ash cloud," said Hasegawa.

NHK public broadcaster showed footage of the mountain sending thick, grey smoke into the air.

Mt. Ontake is located some 200 km (125 miles) west of Tokyo. No nuclear power plants are located nearby.
Reuters -


  1. Volcanic eruption in Japan strands dozens of hikers...

    Dozens of hikers were stranded Saturday on the slopes of an erupting Japanese volcano that has reportedly left more than 30 people seriously injured.

    Ash, rocks and steam continued to spew from Mount Ontake more than nine hours after it sprang violently to life as around 250 people were trying to scale its peak.

    "I first thought it was thunder as I heard a bang and another bang, two or three times," a trekker told public broadcaster NHK. "Then volcanic dust fell noisily."

    Amateur cameraman Keiji Aoki told Jiji Press: "It was tremendous. I prepared for death when I got caught in the dust under a pine tree."

    A suffocating blanket of ash up to 20 centimetres (8 inches) deep covered a large area of the 3,067 metre (10,121-foot) volcano, trapping climbers and forcing up to 150 into mountaintop shelters at one point.

    Around 230 people have now reached the bottom but around 40 are trapped at the summit where they will spend the night in shelters, local media reported.

    Aerial footage of Mt. Ontake showed several cabins smothered with the thick dust, some with windows that appear to have been shattered by the force of the eruption.

    NHK said 32 people had been seriously injured, including more than 10 who were unconscious..................

  2. 1 dead, 16 unconscious after volcano eruption in Japan...

    A female was confirmed dead and about 16 remained unconscious after a volcano erupted in central Japan shortly before noon on Saturday, local media reported, saying the eruption also injured dozens, with 25 in seriously condition.

    Ash spewed from the volcano, named the Ontake that straddles Nagano and Gifu prefectures in central Japan, has accumulated about 50 cm at the top of the mountain, said reports, adding that the ash would fall into prefectures of Nagano, Gifu and Yamanashi this evening.

    Japanese Defense Minister Akinori Eto said the ministry has dispatched about 70 members of the Self-Defense Forces and four rescue vehicles to the disaster site.

    Local fire department said they received several emergency calls on injured climbers and about 250 hikers were trapped on the mountain and in a hotel near the top of the volcano.

    Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said some 200 climbers were trying to get down from the mountain, as some were trapped at the top.

    He said the rescue works can not be immediately carried out on Saturday due to the potential of secondary disaster and rescue teams may be sent on Sunday.

    The eruption caused two Jetstar flights bound for Narita airport near Tokyo from Australia to divert to Kansai airport in western Japan, said Japan's Kyodo News.

    The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) upgraded its 5-stage volcanic alert level to 3, which urges people not to approach the mountain and is forecasting further eruptions that may affect nearby residents and is warning of large volcanic cinders falling within a four km radius of the crater.

    The volcano's last eruption was in 1979 when it expelled over 200,000 tons of ash. It also went through a minor eruption in 1991 and caused multiple volcanic earthquakes in 2007, according to media reports.

  3. Japan volcano: Mt Ontake rescue teams find 31 bodies...

    The bodies of 31 hikers have been found near the top of Japan's Mount Ontake a day after a sudden volcanic eruption.

    The hikers were not breathing and their hearts had stopped. The search for a total of 45 missing climbers has now been called off for the night.

    The volcano, about 200km (125 miles) west of Tokyo, erupted without warning on Saturday, spewing ash and rocks.

    About 250 people were trapped on the slopes of the popular beauty spot, but most got down safely.

    Japan is one of the world's most seismically active nations - but there have been no fatalities from volcanic eruptions since 1991, when 43 people died at Mount Unzen in the south-west.
    First deaths confirmed

    Saturday's eruption forced many of those on the mountain to make emergency descents through clouds of volcanic ash and falling rocks.

    "The volcanic rocks fell like hailstones," one man said. .................

  4. Eruption volcanique au Japon: probablement 31 morts, 4 confirmés...

    Un lourd bilan était à craindre dimanche au lendemain de l'éruption soudaine d'un volcan au centre du Japon, catastrophe qui a piégé de nombreux randonneurs, dont quatre ont été confirmés morts et 27 autres le sont probablement aussi, en attente d'une confirmation.............

  5. Rescue teams in Japan have resumed their search for survivors of a volcanic eruption on Saturday.....

    At least 31 people are believed to have died when Mount Ontake shot plumes of rock and ash into the air.

    Hundreds of hikers were on the volcano at the time of the eruption. Most walked down to safety but others were trapped.

    It is unclear how many people are still on the mountain, which is about 200km (125 miles) west of Tokyo.

    Smoke was still rising from the peak on Monday as helicopters resumed a search of the volcano for survivors or bodies.

    More than 1,100 firefighters, police and troops are involved in the operation. The bodies of four victims were flown down on Sunday and officials expect those of 27 more will be recovered soon.

    Some of the bodies were found in a lodge near the summit and others were buried in ash up to 50cm (20in) deep, Japanese media reported.

    Hikers who made it down the mountain told how a rolling cloud of volcanic debris had swept down its flanks, smothering everything in its path.

    "Some people were buried in ash up to their knees and the two in front of me seemed to be dead," a woman hiker told the broadcaster Asahi.

    Another told how she had heard the last moments of a victim hit by a cascade of rocks.

    "There was someone lying outside the hut after being hit in the back," she said..............

  6. Japanese volcano death toll rises; rescue halted by toxic gas

    KISO, Japan -- Five more bodies were found near the summit of a Japanese volcano on Monday, bringing the total presumed dead to 36, police said, as toxic gases and ash from the still-erupting mountain forced rescue workers to halt efforts to recover the victims.

    Eight more bodies were airlifted off Mount Ontake before work on the ash-blanketed peak was called off around 1:30 p.m., said Naofumi Miyairi, a spokesman for the Nagano prefecture police.

    Together with four victims brought down on Sunday, 12 bodies have now been recovered, leaving 24 near the summit. Exactly how they died remains unclear, though experts say it could be from suffocating ash, falling rocks, toxic gases or some combination of them. Some of the bodies had severe contusions..............

  7. Japan volcano: Search suspended as eruption intensifies...

    Efforts to recover the bodies of at least 24 climbers have been suspended again after the eruption on Japan's Mount Ontake intensified.

    A BBC correspondent near the mountain on Tuesday said the volcano was shooting out even more ash, smoke and rocks than before.

    At least 36 people are thought to have died in Saturday's unexpected eruption.

    Dozens of other people were injured in the incident on the mountain, which is about 200km (125 miles) west of Tokyo.

    Hundreds of firefighters, police and troops have been involved in search operations.

    Twelve bodies have been recovered so far. Another 24 are reported to be on the mountain, including five more located on Monday.

    Japanese authorities only declare fatalities once the body has been examined by a doctor...............

  8. Eruption volcanique au Japon: 7 nouveaux corps retrouvés au sommet....

    Sept nouveaux corps ont été retrouvés mercredi matin au sommet du mont japonais Ontake entré brutalement en éruption samedi, a indiqué la chaîne de télévision publique NHK.
    Ces victimes viennent s'ajouter aux 36 autres qui avaient été découvertes entre samedi et lundi sur ce volcan situé entre les préfectures centrales de Nagano et Gifu. Les opérations de secours avaient repris mercredi matin sur ce volcan où les sauveteurs avaient dû renoncer à se rendre mardi à cause de mauvaises conditions et de craintes de nouvelle éruption. Dans les premières heures de la matinée, ils ont d'abord récupéré 11 corps sur ceux qui avaient été repérés auparavant mais étaient restés sur place. Puis ils en ont découvert de nouveaux. Les autorités locales avaient précédemment reconnu que le bilan pourrait s'aggraver, des personnes ayant pu disparaître sans qu'on en ait encore connaissance. Selon les médias, on resterait sans nouvelles d'au moins 20 personnes en plus des 36 victimes initialement trouvées. (Belga)

  9. Volcano death toll hits 47; unknown number still missing....

    TOKYO — The death toll from a sudden volcanic eruption in Japan hit 47 on Wednesday as rescuers discovered 11 new bodies in so-far unexplored areas of the ash-covered peak.

    The figure makes the eruption of Mount Ontake, which was packed with hikers when it burst angrily to life on Saturday lunchtime, the worst volcanic disaster in Japan for almost 90 years.

    Up until Sunday, 36 bodies had been found, but many of these remained on the ruptured mountain as toxic gas and the risk of further eruptions forced emergency workers to suspend operations.

    The region’s police earlier said 12 new bodies were found on Wednesday but they later corrected the figure to 11. “Police mistook the number as they were confused in the process of transporting the bodies,” an official at Nagano Prefecture’s crisis management office said.

    The grim news of more deaths came after media reports earlier suggested as many as 20 people remained unaccounted for, with an area of the volcano still spewing steam and gas.

    Some of the around 1,000 troops, police and firefighters combing the volcano succeeded Wednesday in bringing down 14 more of the bodies that were discovered on Sunday.

    An official at the crisis management office said helicopters had brought the dead from the mountain, whose pockmarked lunarscape bears witness to the huge volume of ash and rocks flung from the volcano....................................

  10. Sixteen people missing after volcano eruption in Japan....

    At least 16 people are missing after the volcano eruption in central Japan. Volcano Ontake began erupting last Saturday.

    The information about missing people is based on the official list of people who were on the volcano slopes at the time. But some tourists do not inform local authorities about their intention to climb the volcano, so there may be more missing people. Twenty cars remained in a parking lot at the foot of the volcano, and rescuers have not found owners of the cars yet.............................

  11. Three more bodies found on Japan volcano as typhoon nears....

    TOKYO: Authorities found three more bodies on a still-smouldering Japanese volcano on Saturday after a search stalled by heavy rain resumed, while a typhoon threatened to further hamper the recovery operation.

    Local authorities said that 16 people were unaccounted for on Mount Ontake, which erupted a week ago. It was not immediately clear if the three bodies found on Saturday were included in that figure.

    The bodies of 47 other victims have already been retrieved from the mountain.

    Rescue workers have spoken of up to half a metre (20 inches) of thick, sticky ash smothering the slopes, with some of the dead found half-buried, leading to fears others may be entombed.

    "Rescuers found a total of three more people in cardiac arrest today, and are now preparing to carry them down," said a police spokesman Saturday in Nagano, central Japan, where the volcano sits.

    Only doctors can declare someone officially dead, so first responders typically report that someone's heart has stopped and they are not breathing..............

  12. Three more bodies found on Mount Ontake as search resumes...

    NAGANO – Rescue teams found three more bodies atop Mount Ontake on Tuesday as police, firefighters and Ground Self-Defense Force personnel resumed their search for missing climbers for the first time in three days.

    The discoveries took the confirmed death toll from the Sept. 27 eruption to 54.

    The bodies were found near the summit of the 3,067-meter mountain, a source involved in the search said.

    With the latest recoveries, the official list of missing fell to 12.

    Nearly all those killed in the eruption, which happened without warning, were hit by falling rocks thrown into the air......................

  13. Snow suspends search on Mount Ontake until next year...

    Efforts to recover the bodies of hikers surprised by the deadly eruption of Mount Ontake last month have been called off until next year due to snow, according to the Nagano Prefectural Government.

    The 3,067-meter volcano, which straddles the border of Nagano and Gifu prefectures, was covered by about 5 cm of snow as of Thursday, making the conditions for a search more perilous.

    With seven people still missing, the prefectural government deemed the risk of continuing too great. Most of the volcano, which erupted without warning on Sept. 27, claiming 56 lives, have already been combed through by teams of police officers, firefighters and Ground Self-Defense Force soldiers.

    The rescuers’ efforts, hampered by thick layers of ash, had been repeatedly suspended by typhoons and toxic gas, and some of them were beginning to show signs of altitude sickness.

    A decision on resuming the search will be made around next spring when the avalanche and other risks recede, sources said.


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