Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Russia and China about to sign gas deal. --"Base price is the only problem to be solved”

“We have discussed co-operation in the coal sphere, agreeing to develop deposits, supply equipment and build electric power plants,” Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich says.

 Russia's Gazprom and China are poised to conclude a gas supply contract in coming weeks, the first in a series of energy projects planned between the two countries.

“We’re working now to sign a gas contract in May," said Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. "Consultations are continuing and Gazprom's leaders are holding talks with Chinese partners on the contract terms. We hope to conclude the contract in May and believe it should come into effect by the year end."

"Base price is the only problem to be solved,” Dvorkovich said on Wednesday at a session of a Russia-China intergovernmental commission on energy co-operation, co-chaired by Chinese Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli.

In other plans, Russian company Novatek’s Yamal region LNG (liquefied natural gas) project was near ready for signing, Drovkovich said. Russia's Rosneft had several interesting plans "seeking to increase maritime supplies by several million tonnes per year,” he said.
“Russia and China have agreed to jointly develop gas fields in (Russia's far eastern) Sakhalin and East Siberia,” Dvorkovich said. “We have discussed co-operation in the coal sphere, agreeing to develop deposits, supply equipment and build electric power plants as well as providing China with additional electricity supplies”.
“We’re finding mutually advantageous decisions on certain projects that will allow us to implement them in the shortest period of time,” Dvorkovich added. Conditions were right to speed the Tianjin oil refinery project and to build a petrochemical facility, he said.


  1. EU-Energiepolitik....Abkehr von Russland hat ihren Preis

    Europa will sich mit Gasimporten aus dem Kaukasus von Russland unabhängiger machen. Doch das heißt auch: Die EU muss sich stärker um die Konflikte der Region bemühen.................

  2. Poutine en mai à Pékin : signature de contrats énergétiques au menu ...

    Moscou et Pékin envisagent d'accélérer la préparation d'une série de contrats énergétiques à l'occasion de la visite du président russe Vladimir Poutine en Chine en mai prochain, a annoncé mercredi le vice-premier ministre russe Arkadi Dvorkovitch.

    M. Dvorkovitch s'est rendu en Chine à la tête d'une délégation comprenant les responsables des ministères en charge de l'énergie et les représentants de grands conglomérats industriels tels que Gazprom, Rosneft, Novatek et Rusal. Le premier jour de sa visite à Pékin, le vice-premier ministre russe a rencontré son homologue chinois Zhang Gaoli qui conduit la délégation chinoise participant à la réunion de la commission mixte pour la coopération énergétique.

    « Après avoir évoqué l'ensemble de notre coopération énergétique, nous nous sommes mis d'accord sur la nécessité de nous entendre sur un large éventail de questions ou, tout au moins, d'accélérer la préparation des principaux contrats », a déclaré M. Dvorkovitch aux journalistes à l'issue d'une rencontre entre les co-présidents de la commission mixte.......Lire la suite:


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