Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Venizelos’ statement following today’s EU General Affairs Council (Brussels, 11 February 2014). -Genetically modified organisms

MFA, Tuesday, 11 February 2014
E. VENIZELOS: In the name of the Hellenic Presidency, I want to express warm thanks to Commissioner Sefcovic and all the member states who took the floor to welcome and support the Hellenic Presidency’s priorities. I also want to express thanks for the warm welcome of the practical results presented by the Hellenic Presidency after five weeks of exercising its duties.

I also want to thank the Council and the Commission for the solidarity they showed in the natural disaster that, unfortunately, is continuing to unfold with the ongoing earthquakes in Kefalonia. It is very important to the Hellenic Presidency, as well as to the Greek government, that the community mechanisms be mobilized – particularly the Solidarity Fund. And the same holds true, naturally, for the very serious natural disaster in Slovenia and on the border between Slovenia and Croatia.

Finally, allow me to clarify – speaking not as the Presidency of the Council, but as the Greek Foreign Minister – that on the issue of genetically modified organisms, and in this case, maize, the Greek position is absolutely opposed to granting permission and, even further, absolutely opposed to the potential for the cultivation of genetically modified organisms.

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