Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gazprom plans gas filling stations along South Stream pipeline

MOSCOW, December 18 (Itar-Tass) - Gazprom was considering plans for constructing a network of CNG filling stations along the ground section of the South Stream pipeline, Gazprom Export’s chief specialist Yevgeny Pronin told Creon Energy’s conference CNG 2013.

“We do not discount the possibility of a gas filling system along South Stream, along its coastal section,” Pronin said, adding Gazprom may make up 15 billion cubic metres on the European market of gas engine fuel that may reach 45 billion cubic metres by 2020.
Gazprom announced plans to establish gas fuel joint ventures in the countries crossed by the pipeline, Vietnam, and China.

On December 12 Gazprom’s board considered the information about the company’s expanding natural gas use as motor fuel abroad and adopted a plan to strengthen the company’s position in foreign markets in 2014-2015. Special emphasis will be placed on developing gas fuel markets in the countries participating in South Stream project.

In the European market, Gazprom is now represented by Gazprom Germania GmbH and Vemex. Gazprom Germania GmbH owns 21 CNG filling stations that refuel automobiles with compressed natural gas (CNG) in Germany, while Vemex has 7 stations in Czech Republic.

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