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Obama says climate change 'immediate risk' to US security

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday highlighted climate change as an "immediate risk" to the US national security and warned that a one-foot (0.3-meter) sea level rise could cost the country as much as 200 billion US dollars by 2100...

The Battle for the Arctic /Η αντιπαράθεση με το λιώσιμο των πάγων στην Αρκτικη

Energy and trade have long dominated great power politics. The new “hot” region for development is in fact one of the coldest: In the Arctic, power means all manner of energy as well as influence in key developing trade routes.

Scientists Discover World’s Oceans Warming Faster Than Predicted

The oceans are warming faster than previously thought, according to a pair of new studies released this weekend and published in the scientific journal Natural Climate Change.

Μείωση 40% των αποθεμάτων νερού έως το 2030

Η ποσότητα διαθέσιμου νερού μπορεί να μειωθεί έως και 40% μέσα στα επόμενα 15 χρόνια, εκτός εάν αλλάξει δραματικά ο τρόπος διαχείρισής του, προειδοποιεί ο ΟΗΕ σε πρόσφατη έκθεσή του.

Η Θερμοκρασία στο Αιγαίο Αναμένεται να Ανέβει 1,2 - 2,5 Βαθμούς

Σκεφτείτε, π.χ., τον γαύρο μας, από τα κύρια αλιεύματα της χώρας, με τεράστια εμπορική αξία, να μεταναστεύει προς τη Βαλτική, την ώρα που στις δικές μας θάλασσες αντικαθίσταται από τοξικά και άχρηστα ψάρια που έρχονται από τις θερμές περιοχές

Thursday, October 27, 2016

A second powerful earthquake 6.1 magnitude struck central Italy near Perugia (local time: 21:18 Depth 20 km)

Two earthquakes have struck central Italy - the second registering at a magnitude of 6.1 - in the same region struck in August by a devastating quake that killed nearly 300 people.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Earthquake 5.5 magnitude rattles Central Italy, Rome (Local time: 19:10, Depth 9 km)

A strong earthquake 5.5 magnitudeis rattling Rome, just two months after a powerful temblor toppled villages in central Italy.

Bulgaria and Russia sign agreement to settle debt on Belene NPP project — minister

Bulgaria and Russia have signed two agreements to settle the debt on the Belene nuclear power plant project in compliance with the decision of the international arbitration court in Geneva, Bulgarian Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova said after talks with First Deputy Head of Russian Nuclear agency Rosatom Kirill Komarov.

Reduce Europe's natural gas dependency, urges European Parliament

The European Parliament, assembled for a plenary session here, adopted a resolution on Tuesday calling for the European Commission to reduce the Europe's dependency on liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the long term by using resources more efficiently and gradually phasing out fuel subsidies.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Russia awaits Europe's greenlight for TurkStream's gas

Russia is ready to expand the TurkStream natural gas pipeline project to Europe if the EU is willing to agree on taking its gas, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday.

European Commission ready to moderate in Russia-Ukraine gas talks

The European Commission (EC) is ready to act as a moderator in gas talks between Russia and Ukraine at any time, EC spokesperson Anna-Kaisa Itkonen said on Tuesday.

Alaska Volcano Observatory Raises Cleveland Volcano Alert After Explosion

The Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) issued a report raising the alert level for the Cleveland volcano to orange, its second-highest rating, after detecting an explosion at the remote volcano.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Greenhouse Gas Levels Breaking All Records

The World Meteorological Organization reports the level of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere has reached a record high this year, driven in part by the powerful El Nino event, which started in 2015 and continued well into 2016.

Egypt limits area for rice cultivation in 2017 to preserve water

Egypt will decrease land area used for rice production in the 2017 season with a decrease of 34.6 percent, according to a decree issued by the Ministry of Irrigation and published in the Official Gazette on Sunday.

Tropical Storm Seymour getting stronger in the Pacific, expected to become a hurricane

Tropical Storm Seymour is getting stronger in the Pacific off Mexico's coast and is expected to become a hurricane.
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