Saturday, July 02, 2022

The steel 'thermos tower' in Berlin will be the largest heat storage facility in Europe



 A massive steel tower in Berlin, Germany, will serve a similar purpose to a coffee thermos flask this upcoming winter, a report from AP News reveals.

The tower, located on an industrial site near the banks of Berlin's Spree River, will provide heat to homes using a similar method to thermos flasks. It's roughly 150 feet (45 meters) tall and holds 14.8 million gallons (56 million liters) of hot water.

The new facility was unveiled this week, Thursday, June 30, at Vattenfall's Reuter Powerstation. It will be Europe's largest heat storagefacility once it's completed at the end of the year. It's worth noting that a bigger version is already planned for construction in the Netherlands.
2. Amid Russia’s gas supply cut which slashed flows through the nord stream 1 pipeline  to Germany by 60% in June, Germany’s Power provider Vattenfall unveiled a new facility in Berlin on Thursday that turns solar and wind energy into heat.

The heat will be stored in a vast thermal tank to keep Germany warm to counter the fluctuations in renewables, especially when Russian gas supply drains.

With a height of 45 meters (almost 150 feet) holding up to 56 million liters of hot water, it will be Europe's biggest heat storage facility on completion at the end of this year. This fall into the Germany’s ambition to wean itself off Russian supplies in the middle of 2024.
3.  All'inizio del 2023 entra in funzione a Berlino una torre  di 45 metri che accumulerà l'energia destinata alla dispersione e servirà a scaldare le case della capitale tedesca

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