Friday, March 05, 2021

Giant Iceland volcano system may ERUPT after 17,000 earthquakes recorded in a week

eyjafjallajökull volcano

MORE than 17,000 earthquakes have been recorded in the south-west of Iceland, in the Reykjanes Peninsula, during the past week.

People living in the area have been advised to be extra careful due to dangers of landslides and rockfall.
Iceland is a volcanically active regions with frequent eruptions

Many of the larger earthquakes have even been felt in Iceland's capital city, Reykjavik (where over half of the population lives), which lies only 27km away.

This has led to heightened concerns about the effects of even larger earthquakes and also of a possible eruption from the Krýsuvík volcanic system in the area.

South-west Iceland has a track record of centuries of calm, which we know can be broken by turbulent periods of intense earthquake activity accompanied by volcanic eruptions.

It looks like we are entering the next turbulent period....


Magnitude    ML 3.6
Date time    2021-03-05 11:50:51.8 UTC
Location    63.89 N ; 22.33 W
Depth    4 km


  35 km SSW of Reykjavík, Iceland / pop: 118,000 / local time: 11:50:51.8 2021-03-05
8 km NNE of Grindavík, Iceland / pop: 2,800 / local time: 11:50:51.8 2021-03-05

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