Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sila Sibiri pipeline: Russia considers gas field options for Chinese pipeline

Kovyktinskoye field
 Natural gas from basins in southeastern Siberia could start moving through a natural gas pipeline to China within the next five years, Gazprom said.

Representatives from Russian natural gas company Gazprom discussed the development of the Kovyktinskoye field with officials from the Irkutsk region in southeastern Siberia. Gazprom said the field is unique given its larger volume of estimated gas reserves and efforts are underway for broader development.

"Efforts are being made to design the site structures and facilities for production purposes, along with gas transmission capacities," the Russian gas company said in a statement. "It is planned to start feeding gas from Kovyktinskoye into the Power of Siberia gas pipeline in late 2022, with a section of the pipeline to be laid in the Irkutsk region."

Gazprom has a 30-year sales agreement with China National Petroleum Corp. that calls for 1.3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas per year through the pipeline. The Kremlin described the 2,500-mile Power of Siberia as a way to tie the Russian energy sector to two poles of the economic world.

About 850 miles of the gas pipeline to China will have been completed so far.

Russia meets about a quarter of the European energy demand, but has at times focused its economic efforts on the expanding economies in Asia.



  1. Three quarters of the vast Power of Siberia natural gas pipeline to China has been completed. Over 1,629km of piping now stretches across Russian territory, according to Gazprom...

    The construction of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline is going on at a high tempo. It is a link between the gas production centers and consumers,” the company said in a statement after a meeting of its board of directors.

    According to a contract signed in 2014 between Gazprom and China’s CNPC, Russia will deliver 38 billion cubic meters of gas to China annually for 30 years. The contract is worth $400 billion. Gazprom confirmed on Wednesday that deliveries will start in December 2019.

    The Russian company has been building the pipeline from the gas deposit in Siberia to Russia’s Far East. At the border in Blagoveshchensk, the pipeline will be extended into China. Gas will be delivered both to Russian consumers in the Far East and to China.

    Russia is pushing for second gas pipeline to China, the Power of Siberia 2. This pipeline is intended to deliver an additional 30 billion cubic meters of gas per year to Russia’s eastern partner. The countries have signed preliminary documents on the pipeline, but have not agreed prices.......

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