Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Germany allows cities to ban diesel-run cars

Germany allows cities to ban diesel-run cars
The accelerating demise of diesel, long used by carmakers to boost fuel-efficiency, is undermining their plans to meet looming European Union CO2 goals and avoid big annual fines.

Executives gathered on Tuesday at the Geneva car show are grappling with unpalatable choices: re-engineer existing vehicles at huge expense, restrict sales of some profitable models; or risk hundreds of millions of euros in penalties.

Others are clinging to the hope that the image of the latest Euro 6 diesels may yet be rehabilitated, and their fortunes restored.

"I am worried," Volkswagen Chief Executive Matthias Mueller said in a Reuters Television interview.

"But it's our job to solve these problems," he said. "I'm firmly convinced that diesel will experience a revival."

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