Tuesday, December 26, 2017

French prosecutors open probe into Lactalis baby milk contamination

Lactalis baby milk contamination
French prosecutors have opened a probe into salmonella contamination and a major international recall of baby milk produced by dairy giant Lactalis, AFP reported on Tuesday.

 The investigation will focus on possible charges of causing involuntary injuries and endangering the lives of others. Possible cheating and failures in carrying out a product recall will also be investigated, according to a legal source.

In early December, first reports emerged of some 20 children falling sick after consuming Lactalis powdered milk – sold under several different brand names in France and abroad, including Picot and Milumel.

One of the world’s largest producers of dairy products has now recalled all of its production from the Craon factory since February 15, blaming the contamination on renovation work carried out earlier this year.

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