Sunday, June 26, 2016

Cypriot Licensing Round and "data" regarding Greece

When we see how the third Cypriot licensing round is progressing, the making of comparisons with the associated data regarding Greece it's unavoidable, even though it would be a huge mistake, due to the difference of government points of view, which are so radical that the whole context is determined by the Greek side.

Because in Cyprus, we have many governments, deriving from various political party shades & colours, all of which at the end of the day did the same thing regarding the issue of the Cypriot EEZ.

Whereas in Greece we ached to see a mere reference regarding the EEZ prior to the 2012 elections.
Thereon, even though there had been efforts made, we've reached the level of such incompetence in regards to the management of the matter, which will leave its mark upon history.

After so many explanations at both technical and scientific levels, we still have government personnel who are unaware as to what in actual fact is the EEZ, and only now do they learn from us, that there is a licensing round in process in Greece, which concerns the marine plots we've created back in 2014.

With such situation at a political level, what could we compare with Cyprus?
All we can do is to wait for the next ones, who either due to knowledge, or at least due to information, will engage in this matter with dynamics unassociated with the current obstructionism which is resulting from mere incompetence and certainly not due to any fear of the reactions of Turkey, who by the way is even more irrelevant and is unable to cope even with Cyprus, whereas theoretically it's supposed to be able to apply pressure, but even here the impotence element is obvious.
  Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias
 N. Lygeros - OPUS

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