Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ukraine: State emergency service confirms oil depot near Kyiv catches fire again

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine has confirmed reports that the oil depot owned by BRSM-Nafta in Vasylkivsky district near Kyiv has caught fire again and there is a high probability of a new explosion. The death toll of the fire is five people already.

At 1150 Kyiv time on Saturday, a fuel tank with a capacity of 900 cubic meters was hermetically unsealed, which resulted in a fuel leak, followed by a fire outbreak, and caused a jet fire of an adjacent fuel tank with a capacity of 900 cubic meters, the emergency management agency's press service told UNIAN.

Rescue workers first tried to cool the first fuel tank with fire-fighting monitors and covered up fuel spills with sand.

Prior to that, at 1120 Kyiv time on Saturday, firefighters launched a foam attack on the destroyed tank where diesel fuel had been evaporating from, and created a foam cushion at the places of the spills. Simultaneously, diesel fuel from BRSM-Nafta's oil depot was pumped over to the nearby oil depot owned by KLO. By noon, 800 cubic meters of diesel fuel had been pumped over. The temperature of the diesel fuel was 32 degree Celsius.

Forty fire-fighting vehicles and 180 rescue workers and firefighters from Kyiv, Zhytomyr and Chernihiv regions are now at the scene, which is being guarded by 70 members of the National Guard of Ukraine.

The tanks at the oil depot are not being cooled now, Chairman of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine Mykola Chechetkin said on Saturday. "No attempts are being made now to cool the tanks, as there is a high probability of a new explosion due to high temperatures," he said.

At the same time, all the equipment has been prepared for a new foam attack as soon as it becomes possible, he added.

According to local residents, the smoke of the fire is moving in the direction of Kyiv...
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