Monday, June 15, 2015

12 people dead as animals roam Tbilisi after floods

Lions, tigers and even a hippopotamus escaped from a zoo in the Georgian capital Tbilisi yesterday, adding to the chaos triggered by flooding that killed at least 12 people, officials said.

Police and soldiers were hunting down the animals, recapturing some and shooting others dead, while rescuers airlifted scores of people trapped by the floods.

Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili called on Tbilisi residents to stay indoors while the animals were still at large, describing the damage to the city's infrastructure as "substantial" after the River Vere burst its banks after hours of torrential rain.

"Our latest estimate is that the death toll is 12," Tbilisi Mayor David Narmania said.

The mayor's office said dozens of families had been left without shelter and thousands without water and electricity in the city.

Several main roads were completely destroyed and small houses and cars were swept away by the torrents, while half a dozen coffins in a city cemetery were washed out of the ground and lay on the mud.

Tbilisi Zoo spokeswoman Mzia Sharashidze told the InterPressNews agency that three dead bodies had been found on the grounds of the zoo, including those of two employees.

"Search for animals continues, but a large part of the zoo is simply non-existent. It was turned into a hellish whirlpool," Sharashidze said.

She said 20 wolves, eight lions and an unspecified number of tigers, jackals and jaguars had been shot dead by special forces or were missing.

"Only three out of our 17 penguins were saved," she added.

Rustavi 2 television broadcast footage showing a hippo swimming in the flooded Heroes' Square in Tbilisi as rescuers tried to capture the animal.

The corpses of a lion and a pony lay on the road close to the zoo yesterday afternoon, according to witness accounts.

The government set up a hotline for residents to inform the emergency services if they spotted any of the predators.

President Giorgi Margvelashvili sent his condolences to the victims' families as he visited the affected area to observe the clean-up operation.

"The human losses that we have suffered are very hard to tolerate. I express my condolences to all the people who lost their relatives," Margvelashvili told local television.

Anna Korinteli, a 46-year-old dentist, wept as she surveyed the scene.

"Such a terrible tragedy, people died, many lost their homes. I can't stop crying," she said. "My heart bleeds when I think of what happened to the animals in Tbilisi zoo."

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  1. Überschwemmungen in Tiflis: Georgien schätzt Schäden auf 20 Millionen Euro...

    Das schwere Unwetter in Tiflis hat nach Einschätzung der Regierung Georgiens Schäden in Höhe von rund 50 Millionen Lari angerichtet. Das sind umgerechnet etwa 20 Millionen Euro. "In der Geschichte von Tiflis gab es noch nie eine so schwere Überschwemmung wie in der Nacht zum 14. Juni", sagte Ministerpräsident Irakli Garibaschwili dem TV-Sender Imedi. Die Europäische Union und mehrere Staaten boten Hilfe an.

    Bei den von Starkregen ausgelösten Überflutungen kamen mindestens zwölf Menschen ums Leben. Etwa 20 Menschen gelten als vermisst. Besonders der Zoo von Tiflis wurde stark zerstört. Zahlreiche Tierparks aus anderen Ländern boten Hilfe beim Wiederaufbau an. Der Prager Zoo etwa wolle Spezialisten nach Georgien schicken, teilte der Direktor des Tiergartens Tiflis, Surab Gurielidse, mit.

    Ein Moskauer Zoosprecher sagte dem Radiosender Goworit Moskwa, Tiere aus Tiflis könnten vorübergehend in einem Gehege in der russischen Hauptstadt untergebracht werden. Auch könnte Moskau dem Zoo in Tiflis helfen, seine Bestände wieder


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