Sunday, May 10, 2015

Explosion rocks nuclear power plant in New York

A large explosion has rocked the Indian Point nuclear plant in upstate New York, the facility's management reported. 

Entergy Corporation, the company running the plant, said the affected parts of the facility were "safely shut down" and in "safe and stable condition" after a transformer failure on Saturday.

An Entergy spokesman told Reuters news agency that a fire in the transformer had been extinguished and that there was no damage to the reactor.

The fire, which occurred at around 2200 GMT, triggered the closure of the plant's Unit 3 reactor, but the other Unit 2 continues to operate, Jerry Nappi said.

He said there was no information yet as to what caused the transformer failure. The fire was put out by the sprinkler system at the transformer and on-site personnel, Nappi said.

The transformers are located around 90-120 meters away from the reactor.

Indian Point Energy Center is a three-unit nuclear power plant located in Buchanan, New York just south of Peekskill. The plant on the east bank of the Hudson river is located 61km north of New York City.

Residents in the vicinity of the plant reported the explosion and said they saw a 200m high fire ball over facility.
Source: Al Jazeera and agencies



  1. Explosion, smoke at Indian Point nuclear plant north of NYC...

    A transformer exploded at the Indian Point nuclear plant, 38 miles (61 km) north of New York, causing visible fire and black smoke. The plant’s operator had to shut down one of the reactors but assured the emergency caused no threat to public safety.

    Unit 3 of the nuclear plant, which is located on the east bank of the Hudson River, was automatically shut down following Saturday’s accident, the plant’s operator Entergy Corp has said.

    Witnesses posted alarming images of smoke billowing from the plant on social media, saying it followed a large blast and fire.

    “It was a huge black ball of smoke and alarms went off immediately,” tweeted Gustavus Gricius, a witness near the scene.

    The plant’s Unit 2 reactor has continued operating and the fire was put out by the automatic sprinkler system and on-site personnel, Entergy Corp spokesman Jerry Nappi told Reuters. No people were reported injured.............

  2. Nuclear plant north of New York City shuts down after fire...

    A unit at the Indian Point nuclear plant north of New York City was shut down on Saturday following a transformer fire, the plant operator Entergy Corp. said.

    But the plant is "in safe, stable condition" after the fire, with "No danger to community or employees at any time," Entergy said on Twitter.

    According to CBS television online, the transformer caught fire and the sprinkler system put it out. A cloud of black smoke was sent into the air, but no one was ever in danger, CBS


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