Tuesday, March 03, 2015

More polluting gas expected from Iceland's volcano (meteorological authority)

More polluting gas might be expected from the Holuhraun lava field following the end of its eruption three days ago, Iceland's Meteorological Office (IMO) said on Monday.

The IMO has been monitoring gas dispersal closely after the eruption in Holuhraun, north of the Bardarbunga volcano in southeastern Iceland, came to an end on Friday,

The IMO said the lava field continues to emit gas and more polluting gas may be expected.

The eruption began on August 31 last year and had released an estimated 8.3 million tons of sulfur dioxide until January.

IMO said conditions on the eruptive site are still dangerous and gas emissions at the eruption site and near the lava field are still life-threatening.

  Source:Xinhua - globaltimes.cn
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