Thursday, March 19, 2015

Croatian island Krk to become free of carbon dioxide emissions

The island of Krk, situated in the northern Adriatic sea, will become the first energy-independent region in Croatia with no carbon dioxide emissions.

The island’s aim is to access all energy from renewable sources by 2030.

“We are the pioneers in this area, not only among the Croatian islands but also in the whole of Croatia”, said Zdenko Kirinčić, Head of Energy Sector of Krk company Ponikve Eco Island to business daily.

Building energy efficiency standards have already been updated in over 250 buildings, and training on energy savings have been conducted all over the island. Plans have been put in place also to convert waste to energy, and also over the next three years to adopt LED public lighting over the whole island, meaning a change of over 8,000 lights.

This year 9 charging stations for electric vehicles will be built, with plans to introduce electric vehicles for tourists.


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