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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gazprom delays prepayment gas supply regime for Ukraine until June 16

This said Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller following his talks with European Commissioner for Energy Guenther Oettinger...

Russian energy giant Gazprom decided to postpone until June 16 an introduction of the prepayment regime for the natural gas supplies to Ukraine, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said on Wednesday.

“Bilateral consultations between the European Commission and the Russian delegation were held today in Brussels,” Miller said following his talks with European Commissioner for Energy Guenther Oettinger.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Gazprom, Naftogaz hold gas talks in Berlin on CEO level

“The sides have agreed that neither of them goes to the Stockholm Arbitration Institute,” Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said..

Russia's Gazprom and Naftogaz are holding gas talks in Berlin at the level of CEOs, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said.
On Monday, June 2, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller told ITAR-TASS that Russia and Ukraine had agreed not to refer the gas row to an arbitration tribunal in Stockholm.
“The sides have agreed that neither of them goes to the Stockholm Arbitration Institute,” he said.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Russia, Ukraine not to refer gas row to arbitration tribunal (Gazprom CEO)

Gas price may be reduced for Ukraine either by means of customs duties or through corrections in the price formula...

Russia and Ukraine have agreed not to refer the gas row to an arbitration tribunal in Stockholm, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller told Rossiya 24 television.

“The sides have agreed that neither of them goes to the Stockholm Arbitration Institute,” he said.

Russia’s Gazprom delays introduction of advance payment for gas to Ukraine to June 9

Russian energy giant Gazprom has delayed introduction of advance payment for gas supplies to Ukraine to June 9, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller told reporters on Monday.

“Ukraine has paid the first tranche for gas supplies. Today, $786 million were transferred to Gazprom. We welcome that Ukraine had started gas debt repayment and delay introduction of advance payment to June 9. Introduction of advance payment scheme will depend on whether the country repays its full debt of $2,24 billion for gas supplied before April 9, some part of debt is reimbursed today, and on progress in payments for gas delivery in April and May. Payment for May gas supplies should be made before June 9,” he said.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Statement after the trilateral meeting between the EU, Russia and Ukraine on energy security

European Commission, Statement, Brussels, 30 May 2014:

On Friday (30 May) afternoon a trilateral meeting on energy security between EU Energy Commissioner Oettinger, Russian Energy Minister Novak and Ukrainian Energy Minister Prodan took place in Berlin.

 Further progress has been achieved. Naftogaz has proved that they have transferred 786 million USD from their account to a corresponding bank. 

Naftogaz agrees to pay $786mn of gas debt to Russia (Günther Oettinger)

Ukraine has agreed to pay $786 million of its $3.5 billion gas debt to Russia, the European Union Energy Minister Oettinger said in Berlin on Friday.

The statement comes as Russia, Ukraine and the EU are holding a third round of energy talks in Berlin.

The Ukrainian delegation has produced documents proving that Kiev has transferred the money to Moscow, Oettinger said in an interview to Russia's TV Channel Rossiya 24.

Russia Says No Gas Payments From Kiev as of Thursday

As of Thursday evening, Moscow has not received any gas debt payments from Kiev, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said on Friday.

He reiterated that Russia was not ready to discuss any gas discounts until Kiev repays at least a part of its debt, which may hit $5.2 billion in May.

“Naturally, our position remains unchanged,” Alexander Novak said.

Deadline for repayment by Naftogaz of $2 bln of debt for Russian gas expires Friday

The deadline for repayment by Ukraine's Naftogaz of $2 billion-worth part of debt for the supplied Russian gas expires on Friday. The deadline was set during the latest trilateral meeting of Russia, Ukraine, and the European Union (EU) in Berlin on May 26 when a compromise framework was suggested for settling the situation concerning Ukraine's debt for for Rusian gas.

In particular, it is supposed that before the end of the week Naftogaz will remit $2 billion to Russia's Gazprom, thereby partially repaying debt for the already supplied gas and, not later than June 7, remit another $500 million as an advance for June deliveries.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ukraine Confirms Participation in Friday's 3-Party Gas Meeting

Ukrainian Energy Minister Yuriy Prodan will attend a three-party meeting on gas issues scheduled for Friday in Berlin, the ministry’s spokesman told RIA Novosti Thursday.
“The minister will take part in the three-party talks in Berlin,” he said.
A source close to the negotiations told RIA Novosti on Thursday that Kiev’s decision about repaying a part of its debt to Russia is expected after Friday’s meeting of Ukraine, Russia and the European Union.
The Russia Energy Ministry and the European Commission earlier confirmed their plans to attend the meeting.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ukraine agrees to pay gas debt to Russia

Ukraine agreed to start in this week paying a gas debt it owed Russia, in a bid to resolve a gas supply dispute between the two countries, said European Union Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger in Berlin on Monday.

Ukraine agreed to pay 2 billion U.S. dollars back to Russia by Thursday for the gas delivered since July last year, said Oettinger in a press conference started nearly one and half hours later than scheduled, following a meeting with Ukraine Energy Minister Yuri Prodan and his Russian counterpart Alexander Novak.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Statement by the European Commission following the meeting of EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger, Russian Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak and Ukrainian Energy Minister Yuriy Prodan

European Commission, Statement, Berlin, 26 May 2014:

Substantial progress has been made today.  However, there is no breakthrough yet. 

The following solution is proposed subject to confirmation by Russian and Ukrainian authorities and gas companies until Wednesday 28 May 2014:

Monday, May 19, 2014

Russia believes it is impossible to return to $268 gas price in negotiations with Ukraine

We can discuss discounts on this sum if mechanisms of settling (Ukraine’s) outstanding debt and ensuring Ukraine’s further solvency can be found,” the Russian energy minister says...

Russia is ready “to discuss discounts on gas prices with Ukraine but it is impossible to return to the price that existed in the first quarter of 2014,” Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak told a news conference in Berlin after meeting EU Commissioner for Energy Gunther Oettinger on Monday.

EU Energy Commissioner Oettinger and Russian Energy Minister Novak discuss security of gas supply

European Commission, Statement, Brussels, 19 May 2014:

European Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger met Russian Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak today in Berlin in order to discuss issues relating to security of gas supply and transit from Russia via Ukraine to the EU. 

It was a constructive meeting that helped to prepare the ground for the second trilateral meeting between the EU, Russia and Ukraine. This is scheduled for 26 May subject to confirmation by all parties involved (a possible venue is Berlin). 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ukraine Ready to Pay Russia $4 bln by End of May for Gas. - Gazprom to cut supplies to Ukraine from June if no prepayment

Ukraine is ready to pay Russia $4 bln for gas supplies by the end of May, Deputy Energy Minister Ihor Didenko said on Thursday, adding that Kyiv used $268.5 per 1,000 cubic meters as the base price to calculate the sum.
"The Ukrainian side has clearly said that if the price of $268.5 is fixed, then Naftogaz is ready to pay before the end of May a sum of around $4 billion,'' Didenko told a news conference.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Gazprom to cut supplies to Ukraine from June if no prepayment

If Kiev does not pay its gas bills by June 2, exports to Ukraine will be halted the next day, Gazprom CEO Aleksey Miller said. Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev meanwhile urged demanding advanced payment from Kiev as early as Tuesday.

Miller told Medvedev on Monday that Gazprom will issue a preliminary June bill to Ukraine’s Naftogaz on May 13. 

Russia says no gas talks with Ukraine until debt paid

Moscow on Monday ruled out holding new negotiations with Ukraine over the price it pays for Russia's natural gas until Kiev covered its outstanding debts.

The announcement raises the possibility of Russia following through on its threat to cut off deliveries to Ukraine next month in a move that would endanger the supplies of at least 18 EU nations.

"We are saying that in order to discuss any sort of compromise, the debts must be paid first," news agencies quoted Russia's Deputy Energy Minister Anatoly Yanovsky as saying.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Naftogaz sends proposals to Gazprom on revising gas price. - A fair market-based price should be $268.1 per 1,000 cm

The Ukrainian national energy company Naftogaz Ukrainy has forwarded a pre-arbitration note to Gazprom, proposing its terms to settle disagreements regarding the 2009 gas supply contract through negotiations, Naftogaz reported on Thursday. The Ukrainian company proposed revising several key provisions of the contract, the principal one being the price at which Ukraine is buying gas from Russia.

"The matter involves both the price for gas offered to Ukraine starting April 1 this year and the price that Naftogaz Ukrainy has had to pay in the past. The latter automatically calls into question the size of the debt for gas consumed in the past periods, the settlement of which Gazprom is currently demanding," it said.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Ukraine eyes energy assistance package from EU. - Commissioner for Energy Gunter Oettinger is drafting proposals for how to pay off Ukraine’s debt

The European Union (EU) is considering an assistance package to Ukraine in a bid to counteract Russian influence on the country's energy system, Ukrainian Energy and Coal Minister Yuri Prodan said here Friday.
"The aid package provides for financial assistance, increased reverse gas supplies and European gas network operators' solidarity with Ukraine," Prodan told the parliament after his visit to Brussels.
The preliminary agreement with the 28-member block envisages prospects for Ukraine to start reverse flows from France via Slovakia and Romania, Prodan said.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Putin Says Further Violations by Ukraine Will Compel Russia to Cut Off Gas. -Russia cannot and should not unilaterally bear the burden of supporting Ukraine’s economy

Russian energy giant Gazprom will be compelled to switch over to prepaid gas deliveries to Ukraine or completely cut off natural gas supplies, should the country further violate its terms of payment, Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote Thursday in an open letter to 18 European leaders. “Gazprom is compelled to switch over to advance payment for gas deliveries, and in the event of further violation of the conditions of payment, will completely or partially cease gas deliveries,” Putin explained, saying this was undoubtedly an extreme measure.

Gazprom buys KyrgyzGaz for US$1. -Gazprom will be responsible for KyrgyzGas’ debt of US$40 million

BISHKEK, Kyrgzstan - An agreement to buy 100 percent shares of Kyrgyz national gas operator KyrgyzGas by the Russian energy giant Gazprom was signed on Thursday.

The head of KyrgyzGas, Turgunbek Kulmurzayev and Gazprom CEO, Alexei Miller signed the document in Kyrgyz capital Bishkek. Gazprom purchased KyrgyzGas for a symbolic price of one U.S. dollar.

“The symbolic price of one dollar for the sale of KyrgyzGas has been widely criticized,” Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambaev said after the signing, adding that, “However, Gazprom will be responsible for KyrgyzGas’ debt of US$40 million and will additionally invest US$600 million in the energy sector in Kyrgyzstan.”

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